Track your trash
Social project

Draw attention of people and large retailers to the problem of separate waste collection and recycling.

Finding a place where to turn in the garbage for recycling is not easy. At the same time, stores of large retail chains are located on every block. Idea: Large retailers can divide different types of waste between each other and start collecting it right next to the stores. And then turn them into a product of their own brand, increasing profits and offering consumers the opportunity to track the path of their garbage.

A website where consumers can enter a unique code and see how their plastic bottle turns into a T-shirt, which they can then buy in the same store where they took their rubbish to. This campaign would attract the attention of consumers, media, popular bloggers and designers who want to make their own eco-friendly clothing, and also help consumers understand that recycling is interesting and joyful. And for retailers it will also be beneficial.